Just as young dogs need homes, so do the senior dogs at a German Shepherd rescue. Adopting a senior dog may be a good idea for someone who is interested in owning a dog, but doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with an energetic pup or young adult.

If you are interested in adopting a senior dog from a German Shepherd rescue, you need to understand that the type of care this dog requires is slightly different than a young canine.

For instance, a senior dog from a German Shepherd rescue needs a diet that will provide him with all the nutrients that will help him stay healthy, active and strong. This is a diet that is low in calories and fat and is higher in fiber. Your vet can recommend you an ideal dog food that will meet these requirements. He can also recommend vitamin supplements your dog may require if he doesn’t receive the level of nutrition he needs. Note: The Rescue will also likely be able to provide you with the information you need.

Furthermore, senior dogs are more prone to weight gain, because they become less active as they grow older. However, age isn’t an excuse to laze around, so you need to make sure your dog stays active, just as he would at the German Shepherd rescue.

On the other hand, not all senior dogs are at risk of becoming overweight, some of them are actually underweight. These dogs need to be encouraged to eat, and it can be a very tedious task to find out what food they will enjoy. One great trick is to put gravy on your dog’s food to make it tastier. Something else you should try is softening his food. Some older dogs have problems with their teeth, and have a hard time chewing hard food, which discourages them from eating.

The great thing about adopting a senior dog from a German Shepherd rescue is the volunteers will be able to tell you what the dog likes and dislikes. This will clue you in on whether or not he needs more encouragement to eat or more encouragement for activity.

All dogs deserve a second chance regardless of their age. Senior dogs love just as much as puppies, and want to be loved just as much in return. Therefore, if you are thinking about adopting from a German Shepherd rescue, consider all of the dogs they have for adoption, and carefully determine what age of dog would better suit your lifestyle.

In addition, don’t forget that even if you can’t adopt, you can always sponsor a senior dog to make sure he is well taken care of in the German Shepherd rescue that loves him.