Like all dogs, your German Shepherd puppy will love treats. Treats are a great way to comfort and reward a dog, and there are many treats to choose from. The trick is, you need to know what treats are safe for your dog, and which ones should be avoided. The last thing you will want to do is give your dog a treat that could lead to health problems or choking.

Let’s take a look at the many different types of dog treats you can give your German Shepherd puppy:

Food treats – There are plenty of dog cookie treats on the market. Of course, not all are the same, and some have a higher nutritional value. A good idea is to consult your vet and ask him or her for a recommendation.

If you are interested in giving your German Shepherd puppy “people food” as a treat, some good ideas include: small pieces of banana, apple, or pear. Just be careful what you feed him, as some human food is quite toxic to dogs, even in small amounts. If you really aren’t sure, consult your vet before giving human food to your dog.

Toys – Not all treats have to be something your dog ingests! Giving your dog a new chew toy, a Kong, or rope toy is something he will greatly enjoy. Observe your puppy and find out what toys he likes best. That way when you wish to reward him, you’ll know exactly what style of toy he’ll prefer.

Unique treats – If you want to give your dog a treat on a nice cold day, consider putting an ice cube in his water dish or soaking a rope toy in water and freezing it. Your dog will love chewing on a frozen toy on a hot day. Something else you may want to consider is making your German Shepherd puppy homemade dog biscuits. These can be a lot of fun to make, and your dog will enjoy them.

 Special play time – Sometimes the best treat you can give your dog is to spend time with him. Although you can’t always play with your German Shepherd puppy or take him with you wherever you go, every once in a while make an exception for your dog and take him with you for a car ride, a walk in a new area he’s never explored, or play with him for an extra long time. All of these things he will enjoy more than a simple dog cookie.

Unsafetreats – Because a German Shepherd is a larger dog breed, his jaws are pretty strong. That being the case, there are certain treats that are not ideal for German Shepherd puppies or adults. Two treats you should avoid giving your dog are squeaky toys and rawhides.

Your dog can easily rip into a squeaky toy and take out the plastic piece inside the toy that makes the noise. Your dog could swallow or choke on this. As for the rawhide, dogs greatly enjoy these special treats, but sometimes they enjoy them so much they eat them too quickly and swallow pieces that are too large. Therefore, this is another choking hazard. Moreover, rawhide treats have no nutritional value, so your German Shepherd puppy isn’t missing out on much if you don’t give him any.

Regardless of what type of treat you give your German Shepherd puppy, it’s a good idea to always have some form of a treat in your home. You’ll never know when you’ll need one.