German Shepherd training is an important part of your dogs development. Without the right training and socialization, German Shepherds can become overly protective, aggressive and difficult to control. Therefore, it is imperative that you take the time to help your dog reach his potential, and discourage poor behavior.

German Shepherd training can be an enjoyable process, especially since the dog’s intelligence and eagerness to work makes him a quick learner. However, just because a German Shepherd can learn fast, doesn’t mean that you should attempt to train him on your own.

It is always a good idea, whether you are a first time dog owner or not, to take your dog (particularly the medium and large breeds) to obedience class. Although there are many German Shepherd training books available, what you learn from a book and what you learn from a professional trainer are two entirely different experiences. For instance:

When you are committed to a class you are committed to training – Taking your dog to an obedience class means that you will be actively training your dog on a scheduled basis. If you choose to train your dog at home, it will be easy for you to put off training when you don’t feel like it. However, if you attend a class, you need to stick to the commitment you made and go.

Your dog will learn to socialize with other dogs – Other dogs and their owners will be in your class. This means both you and your dog will be able to socialize with them. What’s more is your dog will need to focus on his German Shepherd training and learn to ignore the other dogs and people around him. This is a challenge he won’t have if he is trained only from home.

Builds your confidence as a teacher – An obedience class doesn’t just give your dog good lessons, it makes you a good teacher. In order to effectively succeed in German Shepherd training, you need to have confidence. Your dog needs direction, and you are the one that has to give it to him. Using the right tone of voice and commands will show your dog you are in control. These lessons are taught by an instructor.

You can ask the instructor questions – If you are not sure about a lesson, or are having trouble with your dog, the training instructor is there to help you. It’s much easier to train your dog when you have someone on hand who knows what they are doing and can offer you the assistance you need. Moreover, an instructor can let you know when you are doing something incorrect.

Understand there is nothing wrong with purchasing books or reading information on how you can train your dog. In fact, this is highly encouraged by many reputable breeders and dog enthusiasts. Dog training books are great for teaching your dog new tricks beyond the basics he will learn at obedience, and is also a good way to refresh the basics with your dog as he gets older. Therefore, it’s a great idea to have training books as well as take an obedience class, that way you can have the best of both German Shepherd training worlds.

Just remember, reading should not be a substitute for hands on obedience German Shepherd training, especially when you have a large dog like the Shepherd. Obedience school is an experience that is just as essential to your dog as it is to you.